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The second "solar bird • livestock industry development conference" concluded in fuzhou.



On April 16th and 17th, the second "sunbird · animal husbandry industry non-resistance development conference" sponsored by feed industry magazine was held in sheraton hotel, fuzhou. The three academicians of McConson, li defa, and India were present at the scene, and twenty experts Shared the academic report. Exclusive strategic partner of the general assembly: heep group; Sponsor support units: a new hope. 6, cargill premix nutrition, AnYou group, hui group in Asia Pacific, tong wei co, DBN's undertaking, worth group, guangdong haida group, liaoning wellhope animal husbandry, fighters guinness group, xinhua Yang group and so on more than 60 international support, nearly two thousand industry colleagues to study communication.

8 am on April 16th, the feed industry magazine President Mr Niu jun to congress, he said the arrival of the guests a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to aspire to the bearing platform to forge a professional academic exchanges "sunbird", agglomeration industry wisdom, explore scientific and technological achievements, the exchange of innovative technology, share successful experience, to the health of the animal husbandry and feed industry in our country continues to contribute to the development of contribution.

After the brief opening ceremony, the director of the Beijing north agricultural biotechnology group guo zhijun chaired the morning meeting.

The first speaker was professor McConson of ocean university of China, who gave a speech titled "fish digestive tract health". First member of wheat in the introduction introduces the role of the intestinal micro ecology diversity, fish, fish digestive system function of the digestive tract, the cause of gastrointestinal non health status, after analyzing the characteristics of the fish intestinal biological, feed raw material change and fish digestive health, food for the influence of the composition of gut microbes, fish fish intestinal microbial components affect gut health and the survival rate of fish, fish the nutrition of gut microbes, finally, wheat academician points out the problems existing in the research of aquatic animal gastrointestinal health and prospects the future development trend.

Since then, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of subtropical agriculture ecological print meet a member of the dragon, south China agricultural university, professor ding-yuan feng Wu De sichuan agricultural university professor, zhejiang university, wang to true, a professor at China agricultural university qiaocheng shi, professor he jing-dong Yin researcher at China agricultural university, Chinese academy of sciences institute of process engineering yu-guang du researcher, shandong agricultural university, professor Yang at Penn, shandong agricultural university professor pei yan-xin, guangxi university professor LanGan ball, professor at the university of east anhui, national feed quality supervision and inspection center (Beijing) FanXia associate researcher, AnYou group chairman, Mr HongPing Dr Zhou Ying xinhua Yang group, the emperor Hank biological Dr Lei yan, guangdong susquehanna sichuan Dr Biological Liang Chao, angel yeast, Dr Hu Junpeng JianMing industrial Andrew Yersin Dr, APC companies in the United States Joe Crenshaw, Dr Phileo - le fu Laurine FAIVRE Dr Respectively have their good at areas made a report.



Mr. Yang yufeng, vice President of the duck business division of the rolex group, and the director of the American soybean export association, Mr. Han yan-ming, and the director of the company, Mr. Kim, have Shared the responsibilities of the executive director.

Receive many forage breeding enterprise attaches great importance to this meeting, cofco, zhengda group, its group, the twins, tang dynasty god group, Jiang Xitian state, guangdong evergreen, guangxi Yang xiang, dacheng food, day of state shares, Shanghai new farming and so on more than 700 large and medium-sized feed from farming.

BBS link with "change" as the theme of the conference, hosted by academician of the Chinese ocean university kang-sen mai, special invited AnYou group chairman Mr HongPing, fujian zhengyang chairman Mr Lin Dengfeng, cargill feed premix nutrition business China general manager Mr Right too yong, Eden heap group CEO ms Yu Zhongli, xinhua Yang group chairman Mr ZhanZhiChun as a guest to participate. The host is humorous and ingenious, and BBS guests are thoughtful and witty. It is an in-depth discussion on the focus and hot spot of the industry. More than 1,800 live guests listened with their breath and witnessed the wonderful work of the industry leaders. Finally, wheat academician concludes: "with the development of the industry, the feed and aquaculture industry focus is changing, the only constant is" change ", we are going to prepare, constantly adapt to the opportunities and challenges under the new situation, for the animal husbandry industry development contribution strength."

The report of the two days' academic conference is rich in content, which includes both the preparation and promotion of non-resistant feed, and the analysis of the unilateral measures. Both the practical application of new technology and the innovation of conventional technology. Enzymatic, carbohydrate, yeast, plant extract and so on have specific plans for the discussion, aquatic products, poultry, pigs, and other animals with large amount of animals are involved. Let us have a deeper understanding of the latest progress in the production of the livestock industry, including the animal intestinal health as the hot spot of animal nutrition and the focus of the resistance.

Sole strategic partner heap at the conference group on April 15 in the afternoon organized a daily to "focus on micro ecology, lead healthy, a total of innovation in the future, and hot technology to explore & new products release" topic seminar. Heap group chairman Mr Yun fai delivering, south China agricultural university professor ding-yuan feng, huazhong agricultural university professor yun-xiang liang, heap group technology Mr Lowe, associate director of the Thai goods and heap group President Yu Zhongli ms successively carried out professional speech. More than 200 guests attended the activities of the hepu group and the dinner afterwards. The Chinese agricultural university of China, academician li defa, visited the scene and made a toast.

On the evening of April 16, the "thousand people's dinner" sponsored by xinhua young group was opened on the lion dance show with strong Chinese wind, and more than 1200 old and new friends were gathered together. A song "qinyuchun fujian sun bird" brought the dinner to the climax, the xinhua young people together with all the guests toast, bless our industry more beautiful!

The second "sunbird · livestock industry development conference" was successfully concluded in the meeting. As one of the top academic conferences held in the industry for four consecutive years, the sunbird conference bears the people's desire for academic knowledge and their concern for the future development of the industry. "Meeting in the sun bird" has been written by more and more enterprises in the annual memorandum of April, "expectation - learning - full - load - expectation" is also a reflection of everyone's mood. Feed industry magazine will continue to be dedicated to the continuous improvement of the platform for the academic exchange of the sun bird, and continue to contribute to the top academic conferences of the industry and help the technological innovation and industry development. For this, we will keep trying!



From shenyang to fuzhou, the sun bird shines brightly.

Talk about nutrition words without resistance, let technology flow!